Grand Complications 

Gamle Rommen Skole
Aug. 25th 2018 - Aug. 25th 2019

The Nervous System

photo: Hannah Mjølsnes/ Private

This list will continuously be updated as the project develops.  

Planned extensions and continuations of works are written in italic. New works are added throughout the year.


1001, Sun, heat production

Crystal ball and painted metal sheet

The sun’s movement across the sky is manifested by scorched lines in the paint, made by the focal point of the crystal ball

To be developed further

Aug. 25th - Oct. 25th 2018
Nov. 25th - Dec. 25th 2018
Jan. 25th - Feb. 25th 2019
and Jul. 25th - Aug. 25th 2019


5001, Temperature, evaporation

Glass container with salt solution, steel mount

To be developed with 7 level water sensor and connected to brain

Aug. 25th - Oct. 25th 2018
and Jul. 25th - Aug. 25th 2019


1002, Sun, electrical energy

Solar powered fan with strips and microphone, mounted in geodesic dome

Amplified sound and algae flask with water and air pump regulated by sound

Aug. 25th - Oct. 25th 2018
May 01st - Aug. 25th 2019


2001, Decay, heat production

Glass container and heat sensor in compost

Increasing heat is translated into deflation of rubber ball

Aug. 25th - Oct. 01st 2018
Jun. 01st - Aug. 11th 2019


3001, Precipitation, amount

Glass container with solar powered fountains, on steel mount
To be developed with 7 level water sensor

Glass with water level mirroring the outdoor container

Aug 25th - Oct 15th 2018
May 01st - Aug 25th 2019


2002, Decay, putrefaction

Metal rods mounted in courgettes, steel mount
As the courgettes rot the different rods will touch the frame and close an electric circuit

A low frequent sound will be activated for every rod. To be developed further.

05.sep -15.oct 2018


4001, Growth, dynamics

Sugar pea plants, steel frame with isolated threads

The climbing plant is closing a new electric circuit for every thread it attaches itself to. To be developed further and connected to the brain

May 01st - Jun 15th 2019


5002, Temperature, ice

Wool thread with icicle

The icicles are directed towards the ground by the wool threads, and are closing an electric circuit when touching ground
To be developed further and connected to the brain

Dec 01st 2018 - Mar 01st 2019


6001, Air, turbulence

Tent pole with camera and tilt sensor, mounted on branch

Camera live stream. Movement in branch activates spinning glass ball.

Aug 25th - Nov 15th 2018
Apr 15th - Jun 15th 2019


6002, Air, wind

Rotor ventilation with rotation sensor, mounted on old flag pole

Aquarium with silk, light and pump are activated when wind exceeds a given speed

Aug 25th 2018 - Aug 25th 2019


7001, Living organisms, bird frequency

Steel mount with wooden plate, capacitance sensor and bird seeds
Sensor registers birds landing on the stand

Disk with rotation speed of 24 hours
Plastic dripped on rotating disk for every bird registered

Nov 15th 2018 - Mar 01st 2019


3002, Precipitation, amount

Steel stand with glass
Blasted by heavy rain

To be developed further and connected to the brain

Andrea Bakketun 2018